Glass fence

Glass ionomer is a modern solution to the protection of modern buildings. although in the recent century, The process of glass production has become very different from past times and it is readily available to people in various ways, it can still be considered a part of the building ‘s luxury compounds . especially now that we are dealing with small work houses and offices, glass equipment is an intelligent solution to the great show of space. in general, the use of glass in buildings can illuminate the interiors as well as appearance beauty . because glass does not add extra weight to interior decoration, it is natural that up to date we encounter more creations in interior and exterior design of the building.
partitions and glass panes, Facade facades, and glass windows are part of these creations. These days, glass slides are widely used. glass slides are called the banisters, the pond, the terrace, and even the garden. in this paper, we investigate the properties of glass plates made of glass.

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